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Disaster Research Archives

Disaster Research Archives

  1. Bradford Disaster Research Unit (as a webpage).
    A disaster research centre from 1973-1977 which was based at the University of Bradford, U.K.

  2. Chernobyl disaster (26 April 1986) report (1,896 kb in PDF).
    IAEA. 1986. Summary Report on the Post-Accident Review Meeting on the Chernobyl Accident. Report by the International Nuclear Safety Advisory Group. IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), Vienna, Austria.

  3. Crichton, David (as a webpage).
    An archive of his publications that are not copyrighted.

  4. Glantz, Michael H. (Mickey Glantz) (as a webpage).
    An archive of his publications that are not copyrighted.

  5. Hagman, 1984 (2,086 kb in PDF).
    Hagman, G. with H. Beer, M. Bendz, and A. Wijkman. 1984 (May). Prevention Better Than Cure: Report on human and environmental disasters in the Third World. Prepared for the Swedish Red Cross, Stockholm and Geneva.

  6. Hewitt, 1983 (11,473 kb in PDF).
    Hewitt, K. (ed.) 1983. Interpretations of Calamity from the Viewpoint of Human Ecology. Allen & Unwin, London.

  7. Hewitt and Burton, 1971 (6,269 kb in PDF).
    Hewitt, K. and I. Burton. 1971. The Hazardousness of a Place: A Regional Ecology of Damaging Events. University of Toronto Press, Toronto, Canada.

  8. ICSU/SCOPE Workshop on Climate/Society Interface (3,737 kb in PDF).
    ICSU/SCOPE Workshop on Climate/Society Interface, December 10-14, 1978, Toronto, Ontario. 1978. Canadian Climate Centre, Atmospheric Environment Service and Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.

  9. International Panel for Risk Reduction / International Hazards Panel (as a webpage).
    An archive of material from this initiative running from 1987-1991.

  10. Living with Climatic Change (10,484 kb in PDF).
    Beltzner, K. (ed.) 1976. Living with Climatic Change. Proceedings from the Toronto Conference Workshop, 17-22 November 1975. Science Council of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario.
    Living with Climatic Change Phase II (3,233 kb in PDF).
    Keitz, E. and D. Berks (eds.) 1977. Living with Climate Change Phase II. A Summary Report from a Symposium and Workshop Held by The Mitre Corporation, McLean, Virginia, 9-11 November 1976. The Mitre Corporation, McLean, Virginia.

  11. Menard Press: Politics and War - Nuclear.
    Publications for which permission has been given to appear here.

  12. Mr. Civil Defense from 1956 (11,569 kb in PDF).
    Graphic Information Service. 1956. Mr. Civil Defense Tells About Natural Disasters. Graphic Information service, New York, New York, U.S.A.

  13. Natural Hazards Center Working Papers (as a webpage).

  14. Ocho Rios 1984 (17,603 kb in PDF).
    International Conference On Natural Hazards Mitigation Program Implementation. 1986. Proceedings of the Conference in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, 12-16 November 1984. Center for International Development Planning and Building, College of Architecture and Urban Studies, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia, U.S.A.

  15. Pan Caribbean Disaster Preparedness and Prevention Project (PCDPPP) (as a webpage).
    An archive of non-copyrighted documents from the project.

  16. Settlements and Disasters (34,680 kb in PDF)
    van Landewijk, J. and K. Shordt. 1988. Proceedings of the Workshop 'Settlements and Disasters' Amsterdam, June 27 - July 1, 1988. DERC (Disaster & Emergency Reference Center), Delft, the Netherlands, .

  17. Small States Conference on Sea Level Rise 14-18 November 1989 Male, the Maldives (as a webpage).
    An archive of non-copyrighted documents from the conference.

  18. Tidmarsh, 1969 (17,572 kb in PDF).
    Tidmarsh, S. 1969. Disaster (Connexions). Penguin, Harmondsworth, U.K.

  19. Timmerman, 1981 (1,797 kb in PDF).
    Timmerman, P. 1981. Vulnerability, Resilience and the Collapse of Society: A Review of Models and Possible Climatic Applications. Environmental Monograph No. 1., Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.

  20. UN. 1976. Guidelines for Disaster Prevention. UN (United Nations), Geneva.
    Volume I: Pre-disaster physical planning of human settlements (6,922 kb in PDF).
    Volume II: Building measures for minimizing the impact of disasters (4,636 kb in PDF).
    Volume III: Management of settlements (6,517 kb in PDF).

  21. UNESCO/UNFPA Population and Environment Project in the Eastern Islands of Fiji, Man and the Biosphere Programme, 1974-1976 (as a webpage).
    An archive of non-copyrighted documents from the project.

Five attendees of the November, 1984 conference in Ocho Rios, Jamaica; taken at FLACSO, San José, Costa Rica (2013).

Five attendees of the November 1984 conference in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. From left to right, Richard Olson, Franklin McDonald, Andrew Maskrey, Gustavo Wilchez-Chaux, and Stephen Bender. Taken at FLACSO, San José, Costa Rica (2013).
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