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Barbecue in Nesoddtangen, Oslo (2012).

Photography: Fire

Flames in Jokkmokk, Sweden (2011).

A Dozen Fire Photographs

All images are copyright Ilan Kelman.

A skip with the rubbish on fire (London, U.K., 2015).

Call emergency services, take a photo, leave the area (London, U.K., 2015).

Pyrotechnics at a concert (Oslo, Norway, 2011).

Pyro (Oslo, Norway, 2011).

A woman playing with a candle (Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, 2012).

Playing with fire (Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, 2012).

A series of candles (field camp, northern Manitoba, 1995).

Candles (field camp, northern Manitoba, 1995).

Flames in a barbecue in a star shape (Penghu, Taiwan, 2014).

Starfire (Penghu, Taiwan, 2014).

A fire in a barrel (Jokkmokk, Sweden, 2011).

Fire in a barrel (Jokkmokk, Sweden, 2011).

Cooking with an open flame (Burlington, Vermont, 2014).

Fiery restaurant (Burlington, Vermont, 2014).

Standing around a bonfire (Trois-Pistoles, Québec, 1996).

Bonfire (Trois-Pistoles, Québec, 1996).

Training in fire suppression (London, U.K., 2015).

Training in fire suppression (London, U.K., 2015).

Tending to a beach bonfire (Barbados, 1999).

Tending to a beach bonfire (Barbados, 1999).

A wooden grill in a restaurant (Sendai, Japan, 2014).

Restaurant grill (Sendai, Japan, 2014).

Fire performance in front of Birkbeck (London, U.K., 2014).

Performing fire (London, U.K., 2014).

Bonus: Fire Safety

A fire extinguisher propping open a fire door.

Fire door at the University of Cambridge. No worries; the fire extinguisher is probably too old to work (Cambridge, U.K., 2001).

Fire extinguishers blocking a fire exit.

Fire exit at Queen Mary University of London (London, U.K., 2016).

Emergency exit door with an out of order sign.

Unhelpful (Toronto, Ontario, 2016).

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