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Photography: Poochscape Portraits

Poochscape Portraits
Starring Daisy of Toronto

All images are copyright Ilan Kelman.

Daisy jumping through a hoop.

Poochness 1.1: Jump through the hoops pooch.

Daisy going for a treat after jumping through a hoop.

Poochness 1.2: Jump for treats pooch.

Daisy trotting over bars for agility.

Poochness 1.3: Trotting over bars ghost pooch.

Daisy dancing while trotting over bars.

Poochness 1.4: Dancing over bars pooch.

Daisy weaving as part of a trick.

Poochness 1.5: Weaving pooch.

Daisy sleeping against a door with rigid paws.

Poochness 2: Rigor mortis pooch.

Daisy sitting with the wind in her hair.

Poochness 3.1: Fur in the breeze pooch.

Daisy standing.

Poochness 3.2: Stand proudly pooch.

Daisy winking with one paw raised.

Poochness 3.3: Wink and point pooch.

Daisy running along.

Poochness 3.4: Run along pooch.

Daisy reseting on the arm of a sofa.

Poochness 4.1: Paws hanging down pooch.

Daisy lying on a sofa.

Poochness 4.2: I'm the coolest pooch.

Daisy lying upside-down on a sofa.

Poochness 4.3: Comfortable for resting pooch.

A close-up of Daisy.

Poochness 5: Close-up pooch.

Daisy with an entirely innocent face.

Poochness 6.1: Wasn't me pooch.

Daisy with an entirely guilty face.

Poochness 6.2: Ok, ok, might've been me pooch.

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