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Puffin peeking behind itself (Faroes, 2003).

Photography: Puffins

Puffin taking off (Faroes, 2003).

A Dozen Puffin Photographs

All images are copyright Ilan Kelman.
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Puffin Poetry
A pulchritudinous preponderance of puffins (115 kb in PDF)
The Puffin Dance (7 kb in PDF)
Puffin Zumba (21 kb in PDF)
Puffin Pie (7 kb in PDF)

Non-puffin Poetry Bonus
Duckingly duckish (9 kb in PDF).

Hungry puffin after a tough day (Mykineshólmur, Faroes, 2003).

Hungry puffin after a tough day (Mykineshólmur, Faroes, 2003).

Puffin flying over the water around Magerøya (Norway, 2018).

Puffin: I can fly! (Magerøya, Norway, 2018).

Puffin taking off from the water around Magerøya (Norway, 2018).

Puffin trying to get airborne from the water around Magerøya (Norway, 2018).

Puffins taking off from the water around Magerøya (Norway, 2018).

Puffins collectively attempting to get airborne from the water around Magerøya (Norway, 2018).

Three puffins standing and looking rather foolish (Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland, 2001).

A puff of puffins (Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland, 2001).

Four puffins standing in a circle around a burrow (Shetland, Scotland, 1996).

A puffin coven (Shetland, Scotland, 1996).

Puffins resting on a rock outcrop above the sea (Shetland, Scotland, 1996).

Puffins resting with gannets working hard in the background (Shetland, Scotland, 1996).

Puffin yawning (Shetland, Scotland, 1996).

Puffin yawning with another so unimpressed (Shetland, Scotland, 1996).

Lundinn, using a puffin as its logo (Reykjavík, Iceland, 2017).

The puffin is inn (Reykjavík, Iceland, 2017).

Puffin standing on the grass with a ray of sunshine behind (Shetland, Scotland, 1996).

Puffin basking in the spotlight (Shetland, Scotland, 1996).

Three puffins standing with sand eels in their mouths (Faroes, 2003).

The Great Sand Eel Massacre (Faroes, 2003).

Puffin appetizer (2017).

An ex-puffin in a new career, serving as an appetizer (Reykjavík, Iceland, 2017).

Bonus: Avoiding puffins

A company called Puffen (Oslo, Norway, 2013).

Puffin in disguise: If you cannot see the puffin, then it works (Oslo, Norway, 2013).

Puffin Island / Ynys Seiriol

No puffins visible; they are all in disguise (Puffin Island / Ynys Seiriol, Wales, 2004).

Sticker on a door saying No Puffin' Please, referring to people not smoking nearby (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2012).

Anti-puffin imagery. What if the puffin smokes? (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2012).

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