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China: Shanghai FoodChina's Flag

Photographs of Shanghai's Food
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All images are copyright Ilan Kelman.

McDonald's (2009).

McDumald's (2009).

KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken beside the NBA store (2009).

KFC = Kant Find Cuality; NBA = No Basketball Allowed (2009).

Mister Softee (2003).

Mystery Softee. "I Heart Shanghai" indeed (2003).

Pizza Hut (2009).

Pizza Butt (2009).

Starbucks and Häagen Dazs (2009).

StarSucks beside Hag 'n' Duhs (2009).

Subway Restaurant and Costa Coffee (2009).

Substandard Way beside Costa Coughee (coughee = a person or coffee bean coughed on) (2009).

Dunkin' Donuts (2009).

Dung King Donuts (2009).

Food shop (2009).

Shopping for real food (2009).

Chopsticks and local food including shrimp (2009).

Eating real food. The eyes are the worst (2009).

Street vendor grilling meat (2009).

Real food for the real stomach experience (2009).

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