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DOH, Doha, Qatar airport (2013).

Photography: Abstract

Coloured hoops in Moscow, Russia (2014).

A Dozen Abstract Images

All images are copyright Ilan Kelman.

Trees in fog (Wellington, New Zealand, 2005).

Wellington, New Zealand (2005).

Fake ice in a museum (Oslo, Norway, 2009).

Oslo, Norway (2009).

Tree trunks (Barbados, 1999).

Barbados (1999).

Bus at night (Ribe, Denmark, 2009).

Ribe, Denmark (2009).

Autumn colours reflecting on a lake (Dorset, Ontario, 2014).

Dorset, Ontario (2014).

Windows at BKK, Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok, Thailand, 2016).

BKK, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand (2016).

Rolling hills and fog (near Quito, Ecuador, 2006).

Near Quito, Ecuador (2006).

Lights in a hotel (Tallinn, Estonia, 2008).

Tallinn, Estonia (2008).

The Tube (London, U.K., 2014).

London, U.K. (2014).
More from the London Tube/Underground

Rower on the Charles River (Boston, Massachusetts, 2006).

Boston, Massachusetts (2006).

Incence coils (Macau, 2016).

Macau (2016).

In a conference room (Bielefeld, Germany, 2011).

Bielefeld, Germany (2011).

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