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Norway: Akerselva, Oslo Norway's Flag

Photographs of Akerselva, Oslo

All images are copyright Ilan Kelman.

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Small cascade of Akerselva (2011).

Akerselva changes from placid to cascade (2011).

Tree trunks and branches reflecting in Akerselva (2011).

Trees reflecting in Akerselva (2011).

Leaves over Akerselva (2011).

Leaves over Akerselva (2011).

Close-up of small cascade across Akerselva (2010).

Akerselva flowing along (2010).

A piece of ice sitting in the middle of Akerselva (2013).

Ice island in Akerselva (2013).

Akerselva at the Nydalen cascade (2013).

Akerselva at the Nydalen cascade (2013).

Sunset and snow reflecting off Akerselva (2016).

Sunset and snow reflecting off Akerselva (2016).

An islet with a tree in the middle of Akerselva (2016).

Akerselva tree island (2016).

A couple sitting on rocks by the shore of Akerselva (2016).

Enjoying the Akerselva rapids (2016).

A fun fair ride over Akerselva (2017).

Ride over Akerselva (2017).

Close-up of a weir across Akerselva (2010).

Weir across Akerselva (2010).

Two ripples on a river reflecting trees (2007).

Ripples (2007).

Bridge over Akerselva (2010).

Bridge over Akerselva (2010).

Ice under a bridge in Akerselva (2013).

Akerselva ice and bridge (2013).

Bridge with locks across Akerselva (2016).

Akerselva love (2016).

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