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A warning sign of a cat hissing (Åland, 2007).

Photography: Cats

Someone has painted Beware of Cat on their gate (Barbados, 1999).

A Dozen Cats

All images are copyright Ilan Kelman.

Cat with consternation (London, 2011).

Consternation cat (London, U.K., 2011).

A cat curled up and sleeping on a car's hood/bonnet (Dublin, 1997).

House cat in its natural habitat (Dublin, Ireland, 1997).

Cat looking surprised on a field (Oslo, 2012).

Jungle kit (Oslo, 2012).

A cat's tail (Oslo, 2011).

Cat'o'one tail. Swish! (Oslo, Norway, 2011).

A cat lying in a country track (near Craigellachie, Scotland, 1994).

Cat-in-the-track (near Craigellachie, Scotland, 1994).

One cat hunched over another one on a wall (Vis, Croatia, 2016).

Double cat-er-wall (Vis, Croatia, 2016).

Cat whiskers (Lisbon, Portugal, 2010).

Cat whiskas (Lisbon, Portugal, 2010).

Cat rubbing up against a wall (Istanbul, Turkey, 2015).

Hey there, green eyes! (Istanbul, Turkey, 2015).

Statue of a lion (Luxembourg, 1999).

Lion down for the golden years (Luxembourg, 1999).

A cat sitting on rocks (Sydney, Nova Scotia, 2012).

Cat on the rocks (Sydney, Nova Scotia, 2012).

Cat stalking a vole in front of a house (Boulder, Colorado, 2005).

A soon-to-be ex-vole (Boulder, Colorado, 2005).

A wild cat up a tree along the Cottonwood Trail (Boulder, Colorado, 2007).

Wildcat tree climbing? (Boulder, Colorado, 2007).

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