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A head shot of Daisy behind bars (Toronto, 2017).

Photography: Daisy of Toronto

A head shot of Daisy lying on her back (Toronto, 2016).

A Dozen Daisy of Toronto Photographs
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All images are copyright Ilan Kelman.

Daisy at agility flying over a jump with ears flapping (Toronto, 2017).

D(aisy)umbo (Toronto, 2017).

Daisy lying down looking askance (Toronto, 2017).

You're still a bad dog (Toronto, 2017).

Daisy finishing a rollover (Toronto, 2017).

Daisy finishing a rollover (Toronto, 2017).

Daisy yawning (Toronto, 2016).

Daisy yawning (Toronto, 2016).

Daisy lying on her back (Toronto, 2017).

Just lollin' around (Toronto, 2017).

Daisy running amongst the dandelions (Toronto, 2017).

Daisy running (Toronto, 2017).

Daisy eating (Toronto, 2018).

Hungry like a wolf? (Toronto, 2018).

Daisy wet (Toronto, 2017).

A bit damp (Toronto, 2017).

Daisy a bit wet (Toronto, 2023).

Drying out (Toronto, 2023).

Daisy after a bath and spa treatment (Toronto, 2016).

Daisy all clean! (Toronto, 2016).

Daisy shaking off sand and mud (Toronto, 2017).

Daisy less clean (Toronto, 2017).

Daisy asleep (Toronto, 2016).

Daisy siesta (Toronto, 2016).

Bonus: Geometry Lesson

Daisy with her hair blowing in the wind (Sandbanks Provincial Park, 2017).

Who is the triangle head? (Sandbanks Provincial Park, 2017).

Daisy asleep in a triangle position (Toronto, 2017).

Who is the triangle body? (Toronto, 2017).

Daisy curled up (Toronto, 2017).

Which fluffball is a circle? (Toronto, 2017).

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