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Do-it-yourself dog wash and cafe in Boulder, Colorado.

Photography: Dogs

U-Lucky Dog Bathing Service (All Natural Products) in Christchurch, New Zealand.

A Dozen Dogs

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All images are copyright Ilan Kelman.

Mushing (Svalbard/Spitsbergen, Norway, 2009).

Mushing (Svalbard/Spitsbergen, Norway, 2009).

King Charles Spaniel chewing on grass (Toronto, Ontario, 2010).

Grassing (Toronto, Ontario, 2010).

Small dog greeting its owners on the Jungfrau-Interlaken train (Switzerland, 2008).

Doggy greeting (Jungfrau-Interlaken train, Switzerland, 2008).

One Westie, four Scotties (Ireland, 1997).

Four against one (Ireland, 1997).

Boston terrier looking mighty pleased with itself as it carries a stick (Toronto, Ontario, 2010).

Stick it to 'em (Toronto, Ontario, 2010).

Basset hound (Boulder, Colorado, 2006).

You ain't nothin' but a hound dog in pink (Boulder, Colorado, 2006).

A dog jumping a flyball jump (Boulder, Colorado, 2006).

Flyball (Boulder, Colorado, 2006).

Small dog looking pleased with itself (London, U.K., 2016).

Yeah, waddya want? (London, U.K., 2016).

Two dogs playing (Shanghai, China, 2009).

Two dogs playing (Shanghai, China, 2009).

Border collie running after sheep (Ireland, 1997).

Border collie: I see sheep! (Ireland, 1997).

One dog trying to get a corn-on-the-cob from another dog's mouth (Istanbul, Turkey, 2015).

Doggy kiss--actually trying to get food from the other's mouth (Istanbul, Turkey, 2015).

Several dogs watching two others fight (Puerto Varas, Chile, 2016).

Standing room only at the Doggy Fight Club (Puerto Varas, Chile, 2016).

Doggie Bonus: For the multilingually literate and socially responsible pooch.

Sign in Oslo, Norway forbidding dogs to defecate.
Oslo, Norway (2008).

Sign in Bielefeld, Germany forbidding dogs to defecate.
Bielefeld, Germany (2011).

Sign in Valletta, Malta forbidding dogs to defecate.
Valletta, Malta (2008).

Sign in Vienna, Austria forbidding dogs to defecate.
Vienna, Austria (2005).

Sign in Toronto, Canada forbidding dogs to defecate.
Toronto, Canada (2009).

Sign in Bornholm, Denmark forbidding dogs to defecate or urinate.
Bornholm, Denmark (2010).

Sign in Geneva, Switzerland forbidding dogs on the property.
Geneva, Switzerland (2010).

Sign in Longyearbyen, Svalbard/Spitsbergen, Norway on a bin for dog faeces only.
Longyearbyen, Svalbard/Spitsbergen, Norway (2009).

Sign near Interlaken, Switzerland asking people to pick up after their dog.
Near Interlaken, Switzerland (2008).

Sign in Leeuwarden, Netherlands forbidding dogs to defecate.
Language-independent doggie directions in Leeuwarden, Netherlands (2018).

Sign in Fanoe, Denmark forbidding dogs to defecate.
Language-independent doggie directions in Fanoe, Denmark (2009).

Sign in Monaco permitting dogs to defecate.
Language-independent doggie relief in Monaco (2009).

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