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Photographs of Exeter

All images are copyright Ilan Kelman.

A bird's silhouette against a cloud with the sun behind it (2015).

Bird in the clouds (2015).

A night view of the River Exe (2015).

Evening by the river (2015).

An old, wooden, engraved doorway (2015).

Doorway (2015).

A large tree stump stuck at the top of a weir as the water flows by (2015).

Wood 'n' weir (2015).

A paddle boat on the River Exe (2015).

River cruise (2015).

Looking down a narrow alley (2015).

Parliament Street (2015).

Two baby pigeons in their nest (2015).

Baby birds (2015).

A wall full of multi-coloured leaves (2015).

Autumn leaves (2015).

Close-up of a wrought-iron gate along the River Exe (2015).

Wrought iron by the river (2015).

A berry bush against a backdrop of more bushes (2015).

Berries and leaves (2015).

Shadows from a bridge over the River Exe (2015).

Shadow lines (2015).

A rose growing from a bush on a wall (2015).

Rose in the air (2015).

A cat on a bench (2015).

Cat greeting (2015).

Looking along the suspension lines of a suspense bridge (2015).

Suspension (2015).

A view along one of the suspension bridge's lines (2015).

Tension (2015).

Green fields of Exeter (2015).

Greenery (2015).

A shadow falling across an artificial waterfall sculpture on a university wall (2015).

Waterfall shadow (2015).

Statue in Northernhay Gardens (2015).

Statue to the sky (2015).

A small rowing boat filled with water and partly sunk (2015).

Holey boat (2015).

A hand on one of the balls of the Exeter Riddle Sculpture (2015).

Handy reflection (2015).

Looking up at the Exeter Riddle Sculpture (2015).

Exeter Riddle Sculpture (2015).

Drinking a pint by the River Exe (2015).

Ale by the river (2015).

Shadows of leaves on atree trunk (2015).

Trees and leaves (2015).

A view of Exeter at sunset  (2015).

Sunset over the city (2015).

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