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Fun fair fun in Malmö, Sweden (2010).

Photography: Fun Fairs

 Fun fair fun in Malmö, Sweden (2010).

A Dozen Fun Fairs
See also Ferris Wheels.

All images are copyright Ilan Kelman.

Spinning ride (Malmö, Sweden, 2010).

Round and round we go (Malmö, Sweden, 2010).

Water zorbing (Wimbledon, England, 2016).

Water zorbing (Wimbledon, England, 2016).

Log flume (Toronto, Ontario, 2016).

Log flume in Centreville, Centre Island (Toronto, Ontario, 2016).

Ride at Wurstelprater (Vienna, Austria, 2016).

Wurstelprater (Vienna, Austria, 2016).

Ride at Wurstelprater (Vienna, Austria, 2016).

Wurstelprater (Vienna, Austria, 2016).

Inside an artificial snow-generating bubble (Leeds, U.K., 2014).

Snowball (Leeds, U.K., 2014).

Bumper cars / Dodge 'ems (Malmö, Sweden, 2010).

Sunday driver (Malmö, Sweden, 2010).

A board game at a county fair (County Galway, Ireland, 1997).

Country Galway's fair (Ireland, 1997).

Ride which flies you around up to a large height (Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2014).

Don't look down (Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2014).

A roller coaster track on Centre Island (Toronto, 2009).

Centre Island (Toronto, 2009).

A carousel (Leeds, U.K., 2014).

Something wicked this way comes - Ray Bradbury (Leeds, U.K., 2014).

Spinning ride (Malmö, Sweden, 2010).

Hang on tight (Malmö, Sweden, 2010).

Bonus: Smile for the camera!

A man apparently filming himself while on a roller coaster (Toronto, Ontario, 2016).

Capturing the fun (Toronto, Ontario, 2016).

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