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Keira turning her head and licking her lips (Toronto, 2022).

Photography: Keira of Toronto

Keira's profile picture (Toronto, 2022).

A Dozen Keira of Toronto Photographs
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All images are copyright Ilan Kelman.

Keira lying down on a couch (Toronto, 2022).

Relaxing (Toronto, 2022).

Keira looking hopefully at the camera (Toronto, 2022).

Hello! (Toronto, 2022).

Keira sitting and waiting for food (Toronto, 2022).

Hoping for a treat (Toronto, 2022).

Keira sitting and waiting for food (Toronto, 2022).

Still hoping (Toronto, 2022).

Keira standing by her dinner bowl as viewed from above (Toronto, 2022).

Great Dane eye's view (Toronto, 2022).

A close-up of Keira's face (Toronto, 2022).

Close-up (Toronto, 2022).

Keira jumping from the back garden to the house (Toronto, 2022).

Bunnyhopping inside (Toronto, 2022).

Keira walking around with a diaper (Toronto, 2022).

Walking in circles while diapered (Toronto, 2022).

Keira snug in a duvet (Toronto, 2022).

Snuggling (Toronto, 2022).

Keira running along a patio (Toronto, 2022).

The joy of running (Toronto, 2022).

Keira walking along the sidewalk (Toronto, 2022).

Walkies (Toronto, 2022).

Keira's pawprints in a light dusting of snow (Toronto, 2022).

Paws in the snowdust (Toronto, 2022).

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