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Photography: Studies of Muttness

Studies of Muttness
Starring Taya of Toronto

All images are copyright Ilan Kelman.

Taya silhouetted against a forest.

Muttscape 1: Standing tall in the wilderness.

Taya looking at the camera.

Muttscape 2.1: Who, me?

Taya looking suave.

Muttscape 2.2: Suaveness personified.

Taya photographed from below.

Muttscape 2.3: Still me.

Taya looking like a cartoon dog.

Muttscape 2.4: Cartoon time.

Taya wondering who said the key word of 'biscuit'.

Muttscape 2.5: Who said "biscuit"?

Taya hunched up.

Muttscape 2.6: Haunch-back of Nôtre Toronto.

Taya looking old-fashioned.

Muttscape 2.7: And me again.

Taya close-up of her cheek.

Muttscape 3.1: Taya being cheeky.

Taya's face.

Muttscape 3.2.1: "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up".

Taya's face close-up.

Muttscape 3.2.2: "All right, Mr. DeMille, now I'm really ready for my close-up".

Taya's nose close-up.

Muttscape 3.3.1: I knows you.

Taya's eye close-up.

Muttscape 3.3.2: Aye, aye.

Taya's ear close-up.

Muttscape 3.3.3: 'ear, 'ear!

Taya's paws close-up.

Muttscape 3.3.4: iPads.

Taya's tail close-up.

Muttscape 3.3.5: A likely tail.

Taya licking her chops.

Muttscape 3.3.6: Lickety-split.

Taya's fur close-up.

Muttscape 3.4: Furry times.

Taya covered in dirt after rolling.

Muttscape 4.1: Mission camouflage.

Taya rolling on a carpet.

Muttscape 4.2: Mission back-twist.

Taya failing to catch a frisbee.

Muttscape 4.3.1: Mission catch-me.

Taya running with a frisbee.

Muttscape 4.3.2: Mission deliver.

Taya enjoying agility.

Muttscape 4.4: Mission jumpstart.

Taya sitting in a car’s driver's seat.

Muttscape 4.5: Mission drive.

Taya carrying a stick while swimming.

Muttscape 4.6: Mission sticky.

Taya drinking from her water bowl.

Muttscape 4.7.1: Mission drink.

Taya eating from her bowl.

Muttscape 4.7.2: Mission eat.

Taya strolling along.

Muttscape 5.1: Strolling.

Taya trotting with her tail high in the air.

Muttscape 5.2: Trotting.

Taya galloping.

Muttscape 5.3: Galloping.

Taya looking like Eeyore.

Muttscape 6.1: Eeyore standing up.

Taya looking like Eeyore.

Muttscape 6.2: Eeyore lying down.

Taya lying down with her snout between her paws.

Muttscape 7.1.1: Ready for a dog's life.

Taya sleeping with her snout between her nose.

Muttscape 7.1.2: Ah...a dog's life.

Taya lying on her side.

Muttscape 7.2: Since when do I have to sleep on the floor?

Taya lying relaxed on a couch.

Muttscape 7.3.1: This is the spot.

Taya sound asleep on a couch.

Muttscape 7.3.2: Never disturb.

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