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Photography: Poodlisms

Starring Keira of Toronto

All images are copyright Ilan Kelman.

Keira looking up with her ears flopping behind her (Toronto, 2022).

Floppy ears and big eyes ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira with a strange face (Toronto, 2022).

Dignity of the breed ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira looking at the camera (Toronto, 2022).

Looking toward ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira looking away from the camera (Toronto, 2022).

Looking away ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira sitting by a door (Toronto, 2022).

Sitting ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira snuggling into a duvet (Toronto, 2022).

Snuggle ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira curled up (Toronto, 2022).

Twister ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira walking in the snow (Toronto, 2022).

Snow walker ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira walking (Toronto, 2022).

Walking ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira walking (Toronto, 2022).

Walking faster ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira walking (Toronto, 2022).

In real motion ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira refusing to walk (Toronto, 2022).

Refusing to walk ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira hesitating at a proffered treat (Toronto, 2022).

Are you trying to poison me ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira eating a treat (Toronto, 2022).

Ok, it tasted fine for poison ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira asking for a treat (Toronto, 2022).

Do I get more poison? ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira eating a bone possessively (Toronto, 2022).

It's my bone ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira's stub for a tail wagging (Toronto, 2022).

Wagging stub ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira curled up on her bed (Toronto, 2022).

Bed time ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira in close-up (Toronto, 2022).

Cartoony ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira with her head on a couch arm (Toronto, 2022).

Head above the parapet ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira sniffing outside (Toronto, 2022).

Grass sniffing ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira lying on a couch in an awkward position (Toronto, 2022).

Get a chiropracter ism (Toronto, 2022).

Keira asleep and close up (Toronto, 2022).

Blissful siesta ism (Toronto, 2022).

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