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Photography: Risk Signs

A Dozen Risk Signs

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All images are copyright Ilan Kelman.

Danger:  Falling Rocks (Lake District, England, 2002).

Beware of fallin...erm...yes (Lake District, England, 2002).

Use Stairs at Own Risk (near Port Glasgow, Lake Erie, Ontario, 1998).

Normally I use stairs at someone else's risk (near Port Glasgow, Lake Erie, Ontario, 1998).

Warning:  Use handrail when using these stairs (Wellington, New Zealand, 2005).

And remember to lift only one foot at a time (Wellington, New Zealand, 2005).

Turbulent Beach, Strong Currents, No Lifeguards (Bahía Tortuga, Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands, 2005).

But it doesn't say "No Swimming" (Bahía Tortuga, Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands, 2004).

Emergency exit which says it is permanently closed (BVI ferry, 2012).

Permanently closed, except for emergencies? (BVI ferry, 2012).

Sign for a company called Risk Insure (Adelaide, Australia, 2017).

Ensure it's a risk to insure (Adelaide, Australia, 2017).

Danger sign in French and Italian missing most letters (Monaco, 2009).

Danger: Key letters are missing from this sign (Monaco, 2009).

Use of baggage trolleys is at passenger's own risk (Oslo, Norway, 2009).

If I get hurt not using a baggage trolley, can I sue? (Oslo, Norway, 2009).

Slip & fall hazards may occur when pursuing moving vehicles (Boulder, Colorado, 2005).

If you cannot work this out for yourself... Although now you can't sue. (Boulder, Colorado, 2005).

Canal warning sign:  Certain death if entered (Boulder Reservoir, Colorado, 2005).

Subtle hint (Boulder Reservoir, Colorado, 2005).

Funeral home billboard:  We have your size, don't drink and drive (St. Lucia, 1998).

Could you read this message if you were drunk? (St. Lucia, 1998).

Caution:  Tombstones might topple (Boulder, Colorado, 2005).

It would be embarrassing to be killed by a tombstone (Boulder, Colorado, 2005).


A wrecked sign advertising a roofing company (Toronto, Ontario, 2021).

When the sign is a risk. Hoping the roofs stay together (Toronto, Ontario, 2021).

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