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Cylindrical light bulbs in EZE, Ezeiza International Airport / Ministro Pistarini International Airport, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2016).

Photography: Shapes 3-Dimensional

A fruit in a market in the shape of an oblate spheroid (Nassau, the Bahamas, 2011).

A Dozen Photos of Three-dimensional Shapes

All images are copyright Ilan Kelman.

Spherical monument (United Nations Headquarters, New York City, 2007).

Sphere (United Nations Headquarters, New York City, 2007).

A hemisphere made from beer glasses (Brno, Czech Republic, 2014).

Hemisphere (Brno, Czech Republic, 2014).

Chandaliers in a row in the shape of an upside down cone (Tapei, Taiwan, 2013).

Cone (Tapei, Taiwan, 2013).

Pillars from floor to ceiling (DXB, Dubai Airport, 2013).

Cylinder (DXB, Dubai Airport, 2013).

A roller coaster in the shape of a helix (Vienna, Austria, 2016).

Helix (Vienna, Austria, 2016).

A cube made from chocolate (Interlaken, Switzerland, 2008).

Cube (Interlaken, Switzerland, 2008).

A monument in the shape of an obelisk (Istanbul, Turkey, 2015).

Obelisk (Istanbul, Turkey, 2015).

A war monument in the shape of a rectangular prism (Latvia, 2018).

Rectangular prism (Lativa, 2018).

A pyramid atop a high-rise building (Shanghai, China, 2009).

Pyramid (Shanghai, China, 2009).

A roof which is a trapezoidal pyramid (Harvard, Massachusetts, 2013).

Trapezoidal pyramid (Harvard, Massachusetts, 2013).

Sculptured of a stellated geometric solid (Havana, Cuba, 2019).

Stellation (Havana, Cuba, 2019).

A 30-sided die which is a triacontahedron (London, U.K., 2019).

Triacontahedron (London, U.K., 2019).

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