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A head shot of Taya lying on the carpet with a tennis ball in her mouth (Toronto, 2009).

Photography: Taya of Toronto

Taya chasing a ball (Toronto, 2012).

A Dozen Taya of Toronto Photographs
Followed by Studies of Muttness
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All images are copyright Ilan Kelman.

Taya shaking water off herself (Toronto, 2009).

Hair dryer (Toronto, 2009).

Taya in mid-air catching a frisbee (Toronto, 2012).

Taya displaying textbook mouth-eye-paw coordination (Toronto, 2012).

Taya wearing a tie (Toronto, 2009).

Taya in formal dress (Toronto, 2009).

Taya greeting another pooch (Toronto, 2010).

Taya greeting (Toronto, 2010).

Taya running (Toronto, 2010).

Taya running (Toronto, 2010).

Taya having her teeth brushed (Toronto, 2009).

Taya's teeth being brushed (Toronto, 2009).

Taya lying down, head on her paw, slowly drifting off to sleep (Toronto, 2010).

Taya drifting off to sleep (Toronto, 2010).

Taya, sweetly curled up with her nose in her tail (Toronto, 2009).

Taya sleeping (Toronto, 2009).

Taya in the snow (Toronto, 2007).

Taya's snowy nose (Toronto, 2007).

Taya jumping through a hoop at doggie agility class (Toronto, 2012).

Taya enjoying doggie agility class (Toronto, 2012).

Taya retrieves a toy in a park (Toronto, 2008).

Taya retrieving (Toronto, 2008).

Taya looking adorable while lying down (Toronto, 2008).

Taya deliberately trying to look cute (Toronto, 2008).

Bonus: Guessing Game

Taya in a Hallowe'en costume (Toronto, 2012).

Do you recognise who is underneath the Hallowe'en costume? (Toronto, 2012).

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