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Photography: Walking the Dog

A Dozen Ways of Walking the Dog

All images are copyright Ilan Kelman.
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Small dog in a cloth bag carried by its owners (Gare de Lyon, Paris, France, 2008).

Doggy bag (Gare de Lyon, Paris, France, 2008).

Dog in a bicycle basket (Toronto Island, Ontario, 2016).

Cycling at the front (Toronto Island, Ontario, 2016).

Dog in a backpack being cycled (Toronto, Ontario, 2015).

Cycling at the back (Toronto, Ontario, 2015).

Dog being carried (Varna, Bulgaria, 2019).

Doggy arm cradle (Varna, Bulgaria, 2019).

Dog being carried (Hong Kong, 2016).

Good exercise for one (Hong Kong, 2016).

A dog being carried (Coventry, U.K., 2016).

Carrying on (Coventry, U.K., 2016).

Dog in a bag on a quadracycle (Toronto, Ontario, 2016).

Doggy and human grins (Toronto Island, Ontario, 2016).

A dog being carried in a punt on the River Cam (Cambridge, U.K., 2014).

Non-violent punting the dog (Cambridge, U.K., 2014).

A dog resting in a luggage trolley at TPE Taipei airport (Taipei, Taiwan, 2013).

The best way to be walked (Taipei, Taiwan, 2013).

A dog being carried in the owner's jacket (Hammersmith Bridge, London, U.K., 2019).

Exercise keeps you warm (Hammersmith Bridge, London, U.K., 2019).

A dog being driven in the back seat of a car.

Being walked is healthier than being driven... (Toronto, Ontario, 2015).

A dog sitting in a car’s driver's seat.

...and walking is healthier than driving (Toronto, Ontario, 2009).


Dog in a wagon being pulled up a hill (Toronto, Ontario, 2017).

Assistance human for a dog with limited mobility (Toronto, Ontario, 2017).

Cat in a backpack (Toronto, Ontario, 2022).

Walking the cat (Toronto, Ontario, 2022).

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