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U.S.A.: Washington, D.C. Washington D.C.'s Flag

Photographs of Washington, D.C.

All images are copyright Ilan Kelman.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial (2009).

Vietnam Veterans Memorial (2009).

Vietnam Women's Memorial (2009).

Hands: Vietnam Women's Memorial (2009).

Cherry blossoms (2009).

Cherry blossoms (2009).

An apartment (2009).

Apartment (2009).

Korean War Veterans Memorial (2009).

Korean War Veterans Memorial (2009).

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial (2009).

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial (2009).

A sign for the historical building called The Octagon (2009).

The pre-downsized Pentagon? (2009).

Ceiling of the Lincoln Memorial (2009).

Lincoln Memorial (2009).

Pillars and their shadows (2009).

Pillars (2009).

The Army's First Division War Memorial (2009).

Memorial for the First Division, United States Army, American Expeditionary Forces, June 1917 - September 1919 (2009).

U.S.A. Red Cross national headquarters (2009).

U.S.A. Red Cross national headquarters (2009).

The American Institute of Architects (2009).

The ugliest building in D.C.? (2009).

The base of the Washington Monument (2009).

Washington Monument (2009).

The White House (2009).

Some building where some dude/gal hangs loose and might start a nuclear war. On 24-25 August 1814, looted and torched by enemy troops (so much for Homeland Security) (2009).

Reflection in a window (2009).

F Street reflection (2009).

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